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Understand the customer behavior and making feasible offers that utilize the idle time to rise the sales without human intervenes.



The-Boom is a web application that provides intelligent feedback service to restaurants in Oman. It helps to utilize idle time in restaurants with feasible offers for customers. At the-Boom we always look ahead to bring new and innovated ideas that will help customers to give their feedback with less effort, time and complications.



Easy accessibility 
Fast answers
Intelligent analyzing

At an era described as the speed era, it is important to copy up with it. The Boom saves your time and provides you with reliable answers in a short time. You may make a decision faster, whether you are at lunch

break, having

surprised guests

or just hungry.

The Boom uses new techniques connected to the fourth revolution. It relies on intelligent analyzing techniques to get the most accurate and reliable findings. These techniques will help managing and analyzing big data to get


accurate and

fast answers.

Using QR code technique, users can easily access The Boom application and evaluate the restaurant in an easy and fast way. No more long, time consuming and complicated
evaluation forms.

Customize offers

As restaurant owners, the boom allows them to manage and customize their offers at any time. They can enter the type, the price and the time of the offer. They will also be able to delete it any time as per there need.

Our team

The Boom is a team of passionate individuals with the same dream of improving both the quality of information people receive and the way of receiving it.

Mohammed Koora (CEO) recognized the need of a reliable source of feedback that can help restaurant owners to improve their services and meet customers’ expectations. Therefore, he used his experience in data analysis and management to develop the Boom. His background includes electrical engineering, electronic engineering and power SCADA.

The Boom members:


  • Mohammed Koora                                      CEO

  • Amal Zahir                                   Co-founder in Marketing.

  • Abdullah Aman                             Co-founder in Programming.

  • Tahani Zahir                                 Co-founder in Strategy.


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